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Storage Facility Redwood City

Renting a storage unit is highly likely when you are changing your relationship status, planning to travel for a long time, or simply freeing up space in your home. Estimates indicate that US households have experience renting some form of space at least once in their lifetime. The storage business is a flourishing niche, which overwhelms a prospective client.

Experience teaches us that a careful selection of each storage facility in Redwood City is paramount in ensuring the longevity of your most vulnerable items. How can one choose a self-storage facility that will fit all your things, charge a considerable amount, and ensure their safety while you are in another continent for several months or years?

Tips on choosing the best storage facility

Excellent customer service

You will get a sense of the facility’s customer support team the first time you make contact by phone, mail, or in-person. A good manager will be keen on taking note of all your concerns while highlighting all their storage conditions. Failure to give straight answers should warn you of possible unprofessionalism or mishandling of goods.

Customer service includes interaction with the manager. An effective one will have a hands-on approach while handling both the clients and staff. We have a phone number and readily available staff members on all levels of the business. Nothing will go awry when you have us to ask questions and address other minute problems.


The state of the office is representative of the storage facility’s space. The office should be free of dust, have a clean floor and spotless bathroom and compound. All staff members will have neat dressing and particularly keen hygiene for this era of COVID-19. Inspect the storage units for signs of dust or dirt, and stay away if you anticipate poor maintenance.

Our storage facility in Redwood City contracts professional pest control and other cleaning services to prevent any degree of damage to property. We address these issues regularly despite the consistent cleanliness around all spaces. We do not have previous experience with any kind of pests and aim to maintain the same record for future services.

Tight security

Any facility that cares about its clients’ items will have good security inside and outside of the building. We have digital access to the most sensitive areas and security cameras and lighting that enhance safety. It also helps to keep on-site security personnel, to monitor day and night time activities.

Unit size options

Self-storage units have different sizes and configurations. Naturally, the larger units will cost more. Consider the dimensions to determine if you want a standard square room, one with a large vertical wall and a narrow floor, or a wider one with low ceilings. The ultimate choice depends on how much property you wish to store.

The ultimate choice depends on your needs and the amount available. Bair Island Storage has a flexible accessibility program, plenty of unit options, and a reasonable budget. Talk to us now about your top consideration and let us help you find the best unit.


Storage Facility Redwood City